The Amrut Gems is a leading Diamond cutters and importers encompassing all aspects of the diamond industry, from rough sourcing through cutting, polishing, design, marketing and retail distribution. Our offices in India and Hong Kong. Focusing on its core-strengths of manufacturing Amrut Gems has carved a prime niche for itself in the mass luxury segment.

Our product range includes finely cut and crafted natural diamonds of different shapes – Rounds, Princess, Emerald, Marquise Pears shaped diamonds. These shapes are available in several different sizes from the smallest upto a 5 carat stone. We can’t say that our collection includes as many diamonds as there are stars in the sky, but we claim that the sparkle of our diamonds will last forever.

We aim to be the preferred diamond and diamond jewelry supplier, dedicated to understanding and exceeding our customers’ expectations. We have a vision of becoming a Global Customer – Centric Enterprise with a totally integrated value chain from Rough to Retail.